Monday, September 9, 2013

Warehouse Supervisor Needed

Overall Purpose of the Job

Custodian of stock (saleable + merchandising) assets and being  responsible for the ordering, receipt, safe custody and issue of Stocks in all stock locations (including any consignment stocks that may be approved from time to time).

To determine stock requirements and forecast both short term and future needs.

To maintain optimal stock levels based on the ongoing consumptions, forecasts and lead-times.

To perform other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Stock Management and Inventory Control
  • Physical Stock Management and Warehouse Operations systems
  • Operate a security system that safeguards stock and addresses safety as an integral part of company business processes.
  • Maintain a continual count and record of all stock items. Achieve zero stock loss.
  • Ensure warehouse arrangements are optimized for space utilization and easy identification/count of all stocks daily in less than 1 hr.
  • Ensure all movement of stocks are correctly recorded or invoiced and cash collected and banked for all sales.
  • Ensure 100% accuracy in all document processing.
  • Undertake daily reconciliation of the following records
  • Physical stocks
  • Stocks as per sub-ledger
  • Stocks as per general ledger.
  • And report to the Supply Chain Manager any discrepancies between the 3 records above, not later than 24 hours after discovery of any such discrepancy.
Management of Warehouse Staff
  • Supervise all regular and part time staff to ensure workflow is efficient and accurate.
  • To work safely and to promote safe working practices. Achieve zero accidents in and out of the workplace.
Authority Levels
  • Adhere to list price and approved in writing of any discounts
  • Not to allow credit without approval from the Manager
Qualifications & Experience
  • University Degree
  • Diploma in Business Administration/Purchasing & Supplies/ warehouse Management
  • 5 years experience in a similar position
NB: Four months period for Kshs. 40,000/- per month

If you meet the above minimum requirements, kindly send your cv  to:-

Frank Management Consult Limited,
Nyaku House,1st Floor,
Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham

Email: / cc to