Monday, February 17, 2014

IMCI Training Consultant

Terms of Reference

IMCI Training Consultant

March 2014

Mogadishu, Somalia


Medair is currently working in Mogadishu implementing a primary health care project through a partnership with two local NGOs; DAWA and Zamzam. 

The primary objective is to improve the quality of and access to life saving health and nutrition services by vulnerable host and IDP populations in the Karan, Shibis and Hawl Wadag districts of Mogadishu in South Central Somalia.

Specifically, Medair is attempting to equip health workers with skills and knowledge on effective management of sick children aged between one week and five years with emphases on the prevention of disease and communication with caretakers.

Scope of the consultancy

The scope of the consultancy involves comprehensive Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) training for nurses in Mogadishu:
  • Training participants will include 12 nurses working in Medair supported MCHs. The training should take place over a period of five (5) days and be in line with WHO sanctioned guidelines. Thus, incorporate adequate practical demonstration of the theoretical knowledge learned and include the appropriate training aid materials.
  • A comprehensive report that covers a brief description of the training methodology and logistics, including a summary of any challenges encountered/lessons learned; and a thorough description of the training outcomes that mentions the methods/tools used to evaluate participants’ knowledge and skills gained.
 The reports should be submitted to Medair within two weeks from the completion of the training.

Objectives of the training

The main objective of this training is to ensure that nurses are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality management of sick children aged between one week and five years with emphases on the prevention of disease and communication with caretakers with the expectation that these trainees will be able to transfer knowledge gained to their peers in the health facilities.

Specific objectives

At the end of the training the nurses and should be able to:
  • Assess, classify and treat sick children correctly following the IMCI case management guidelines.
  • Administer pre-referral treatment correctly and refer seriously ill children.
  • Counsel caretakers about home care including how to give treatment what signs to look for that indicate a child should be brought back immediately to the health facility, and when to return for follow-up care.
  • Check children’s immunization status routinely and give immunizations when needed.
  • Carry out feeding assessments of children who are less than two years or who are very low weight-for-age.
  • When necessary, provide caretakers with appropriate nutrition and breastfeeding counselling.
Qualifications/experience required
  • Qualification as a general practitioner, clinical Nurse or clinical officer with extensive experience and knowledge on IMCI training
  • Qualification as a trainer through a clinical training skill course or its equivalent in Somalia
  • Work experience in a facility delivering treatment services for children under five years old and has regular capacity to maintain clinical skills
  • Knowledge of the country context will be an asset.
  • Good analytical and communication skills.
  • Strong English and Somali language writing and spoken skills.
Supervision and coordination arrangements

The selected consultant will work in coordination with and under the direct supervision of the Medair’s Health Project Manager. Medair will also provide the logistical support needed to successfully carry the training out, including training venue and travel and accommodations for the consultant. 

The overall supervision lies with Country Director.

Consultant selection and conditions

Selection of the preferred trainer will be based on a rigorous vetting process conducted by Medair based on technical quality and reasonable cost of the proposal. 

Samples of training materials supporting the proposal are welcomed.

Upon selection Medair will:
  • Require a training agenda and related educational materials one week prior to the training.
  • Expected starting date of training will be on or around 10th March
  • Medair will pay25% of the agreed consultancy fee at the start of training and the remaining 75% upon completion of the training report to Medair’s satisfaction.
Call for Proposals/Requested Documents

Medair invites proposals from suitable candidates with substantial experience in the sphere. 

The proposal should be submitted electronically and include the following:
  • Cover letter;
  • The updated CV;
  • Proposal with the suggested consultancy fees.
The deadline for receiving proposals from interested candidates is – 19th February 2014 COB.

For any clarifying questions related to this terms of reference and for submission of proposals, please contact RICHARD MAGONDU, Health Project Manager at +252-616 782 OR Jaime Carrillo Country Director on