Monday, February 17, 2014

Audit Assistant

Audit Assistant

Our Client is an Audit firm currently looking to recruit an Audit Assistant

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing the job planning schedule and contacting the client to agree theaudit time frame and other logistics for the audit.
  • Preparing the audit plan for partner approval prior to commencement of theaudit.
  • Briefing the audit team on the audit plan and allocating the responsibilities to each member on the team
  • Carrying out an audit, following the audit plan under the supervision of the partner or audit manager.
  • Reviewing the permanent audit file and ensuring that all information is up to date.
  • Supervising the audit team and ensuring that the work carried out by the team is in accordance with the plan.
  • Adhering to the audit time frame and reporting any delays to the partner oraudit manager, as appropriate.
  • Completing the audit file for manager or partner review.
  • Clearing outstanding audit queries and finalizing the financial statements, management letter and letter of representation.
  • De briefing the audit team and providing feed back on job evaluations on each assignment.
  • Following up signed financial statements, letter of representation and management letter from   the client.
  • Ensuring that progress and final fee notes are raised and assisting in following up payments
  • Reviewing the tax file and reconciling the tax account an dividing tax account the audit file
  • Ensuring that all outstanding tax matters are adequately brought to the attention of the partner
  • Ensuring that tax returns are received from the client and filed on a timely basis
Company Secretarial
  • Reviewing the company secretarial file and registers, and ensuring that all secretarial records are up to date
  • Ensuring all outstanding secretarial issues including timely filing of returns are adequately brought to the attention of the partner
Other Duties

Carrying out any other tasks as may be delegated from time to time.

  • CPA III or BCOM/equivalent education with CPA II or its equivalent
  • Atkleast 6- 12 months experience in an Audit Firm
  • Computer literate and can demonstrate good use of MS excel including formatting reports and also very good in MS word, MS outlook together with other MS office packages.
  • Conversant with quick books and other accounting package and can demonstrate good use and understanding of quick books
Other skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Smart and with good spoken and written English
  • Critical thinker and creative
  • Humble and respectful to other and a good team player.
Salary 25,000-30,000

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