Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Consultant, HelpAge International

Hunger Safety Net Programme Phase II

Social Protection Rights Component

Call for a Consultancy to undertake Data Entry and Analysis for Longitudinal Study 

Background: HelpAge International (HelpAge) undertook a longitudinal study that looked at the application of Human Rights Based Approach to Cash Transfers and the impact of an inbuilt complaint and redress mechanism in the delivery of cash transfers.  

The primary results of this study will be used to improve policy the delivery of cash transfers in the country and improve targeting processes in Kenya.

This study was undertaken to provide lessons on implementation of a human rights framework for social protection, identifying best practices and disseminating lessons learned. 

HelpAge would apply and assess human rights principles of participation, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability to the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HSNP. Based on these findings HelpAge will derive conclusions on the following.
  • Giving meaning to progressive realization to cash transfer rights;
  • Minimum core obligation of the state  and social protection floors;
  • Develop a guide into rights based complaints and grievances mechanisms for cash transfers in Kenya;
  • Develop tailored packages of support to deal with specific needs of  various groups;
Helpage has undertaken data collection activities and have 2250 questionnaires that need to be entered into a data processing system.

Objectives of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to enter all questionnaires into an SPSS database.


The following activities will be undertaken under the consultancy:
  1. The consultants expected to hire 3 data entry clerks and 1 data entry supervisor. It is calculated that all the data can be entered within five days.
  2. The consultant is expected to develop the data entry interface in SPSS based on the questionnaires;
  3. The consultant will train data entry clerks for one day on the questionnaires and the SPSS data entry interface;
  4. The consultant, the data entry supervisor and data entry clerks are expected to enter all the data within 5 days;
  5. The consultant will be responsible for cleaning the data.
Equipment and Logistics
  1. The consultant will provide all computers required for data entry.
  2. The consultant will be responsible for preparation, organization and implementation of training activities.
  3. The consultant will conduct day of training for the data entry clerks. Emphasis in training will be on proper techniques and ensuring accuracy in data entry
  4. Data entry will take place in the offices of the consultant.
Expected output: The consultant will provide cleaned data from all questionnaires in SPSS ver. 13 and above in soft copy

Applications should be send to 

Deadline for submission of applications 2nd May, 2014