Monday, May 12, 2014

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Summary Of Job Description

Senior mechanic perform a variety of activities designed to service, repair and maintain pieces of company-owned heavy equipments. 

The work is performed through the application of a body of knowledge and specific certifications that denote expertise in heavy equipment like Dozer, Grader, Excavators and articulated tractors maintenance.

The employee performs a full range of maintenance, repair and service activities on heavy equipment 
This is the advanced level. The employee serves as a lead worker overseeing two or more lower-level Heavy Equipment Mechanics or as an advanced-level worker performing the most complex assignments. 

The lead worker provides technical assistance in diagnosis and repair of heavy equipment, working closely with lower-level mechanics. Under guidance of supervision, the lead worker schedules work, monitors quality control for work performed, and customer relations.

The advanced-level worker performs assignments that go beyond those typically expected at the experienced level.

Job Duties

Performs maintenance and repair activities on various pieces of heavy equipment including but not limited to heavy-duty truck and semi-tractors, material spreader, 6-wheel drive vehicles, excavators, skidders, dozers, 25 ton and smaller bulldozers, graders, cranes, dump bodies, crawler tractors and trailers, backhoes.

Diagnoses, services and repairs various systems that are found on pieces of heavy equipment such as mechanical and computer electronic controls, air brake systems, transmissions, computer controlled automatic and 13 speed manual transmissions, high voltage generators, and pneumatic systems. 
Troubleshoots malfunctions in the equipment and repair.

Repairs and services track drive sprockets, rails, idler wheels, hard bars, track adjusters, hydraulic reversers, final drives, brake bands, steering clutches and hydrostatic transmissions.

Performs routine maintenance checks and adjustments on such things as fluid levels, hoses, belts, brakes, tires, and clutches; changes filters and oil, and lubricates vehicles and motor driven equipment.

Services, diagnoses, repairs and maintains speed tandem drive axles with air or electric shift, hydrostatic driven, heavy duty multi-axle suspensions, both conventional steel or air springs.

Tunes petrol and diesel engines, services valves, fuel filters and turbo chargers, and pressure checks fuel filters, adjust injector heights, fuel racks, governors, etc.   

Diagnoses problems, disassembles units, repairs or replaces parts, and reassembles units in the following systems: 
Brakes: Repairs or replaces shoes, pads, drums, hoses, calipers, cylinders, any heavy-duty air brakes. 
Cooling: Flushes radiator replaces hoses and thermostat, repairs or replaces radiator and water pump, fan drives, DCA treatment filters, air intercoolers and oil coolers.

 Drive, Repairs and replaces drive shaft, differential, axle, manual, automatic and sophisticated computer-controlled transmissions, clutches, transfer cases, power take-off systems, transmission reversers, all wheel drive steering axles and final drives. 

Qualification: Diploma in Mechanical engineering /Automotive

Experience: Relevant experience of five years in the same field

Auto Electrician

Auto electrician performs Overhauling of electronic and electrical systems of a vehicle, machineries including 2-wheelers, and 4-wheelers (including passenger vehicles, tractors and commercial vehicles). This also includes gasoline, diesel engines.

Scope: repair and overhauling of electrical and electronic systems electric over hydraulic systems (including compactors, crane rams, steering control, excavator bucket control, steering rudder control etc.)  engine management systems (including on line maintenance and remote diagnostics, common rail diesel direct injection, drive by wire, multi-class Bus systems and closed loop diesel engine management systems)  transmission/driveline systems (including clutches, torque converters, mechanical and automatic transmissions, drive and power take-off shafts and differentials, mechatronic modules braking systems (including ABS, engine brakes, electric retarders, electric trailer brakes, brake by wire and safety systems (including fire suppressing, work load detecting, tyre pressure control, speed/load limiting, traction control, seat belt pre-tensioning, roll over protection, object detection, navigation aids, intelligent transport systems, adaptive cruise control infrared vision, lighting and windscreen wipers control) monitoring/protection systems (including display types such as LCD, VFD, CRT, HUD, re-configurable systems, electronic analogue .

Repair all electrical and electronic faults including direct faults in:
  • input sensors
  • output actuators
  • wiring harnesses
  • Computer systems
  • calibration/adjustment specifications
  • Component specifications
  • Component assembly
  • Component damage
  • System modifications
Qualification: Diploma in Auto electric 
Experience: 8 yrs on related work

Mechanical Workshop Supervisor 

Summary of Job Function:

The workshop supervisor is responsible for the day to day safe and efficient running of the mechanical workshop. 

The supervisor is responsible for budgets for the purchase of materials, fixings and fastenings and machine tools to ensure the smooth progression of projects through the workshop. 

Daily attendance and sick off records have to be kept alongside individual records of what work is carried out and on which projects. 

This is for project costing purposes and for traceability of components in case of problems arising. Traceability is a vital component of maintenance activity both at material and component level and the workshop Supervisor is responsible for maintaining a database of everything purchased work done and by whom. 

The workshop manager is responsible for the quality of the work carried out and performs incoming and outgoing inspection on all parts and assemblies or delegates that work. 

In a potentially very dangerous working environment the manager is responsible maintaining safe working practices, keeping information up to date and ensuring everybody is conversant with this information. 

During busy periods, the workshop supervisor is required to undertake manufacturing tasks and assist the through put of work through the workshop. 

The workshop is the first point of contact for advice on best practices and methods of manufacture, for inside and outside of the workshop.
Interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. kindly send your CV only to on or before 21st May 2014 before close of business 5. 30 pm, clearly indicating the position applied for.